EvoMAX² Technology

The New Generation of Marking.




The evolution of SI2K thermal transfer system is called EVOMAX2. This Grafoplast unique system is recognized for the high levels of quality, reliability and performance, able to enhance the marking of the electrical components at a reasonable cost. You can also print high-resolution logos, barcodes and graphic symbols by creating customized plates lasting over time.

Automatic or Manual. Always at your choice.

Free to choose automatic or manual mode.
The printer is equipped with automatic feeder that can print independently more than 1000 tags for cables or T-blocks with a considerable saving of the operator  time.

Change of the ribbon in record time!
In few seconds you can change the color of the ribbon without difficult operations. Alternatively it can also work in manual mode to guarantee a high flexibility.

Up to 8500 cable/h cards to satisfy even the most demanding requests.

High resolution printing (300 dpi) in black or in color with special resin-based ribbons guaranteeing precise markings in details and durable over time.

Immediately ready for use even after a long period of inactivity.

The simple replacement of the cartridge without touching the tape, the automatic maintenance through the integrated Cleaning Cassette and the Grafoplast™ assistance service ensure the operator a simple and safe job.

The cards to be printed are organized in modules for easy and quick insertion in the printer.

Hi-Beam Sensor

Parametric Sensors that allow the consumption optimisation and the maximum execution accuracy

QC Loading

Compact size printer, equipped with the new high precision QC Loading to optimize operating time.

Endless consumables.

The complete range of consumables satisfies all industrial identification needs, from cables, T-blocks and equipment up to the marking of push buttons, name plates, modular strips and customized plates.

Grafoplast Store

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