Manual Marking System

The Trasp system represents the beginning of Grafoplast history.

Trasp History

It was the 1963 when Giovanni Piana, its founder, well aware of how important a clear marking is in the maintenance of the electrical panels, conceived and patented this simple but ingenious system able to identify any type of cable, T-block and electrical equipment with the same process and the same marking elements.

Historically revolutionary

Today the historical system has become an industrial product still very demanding for the extreme simple use, the clarity and the perfect alignment of the marking as well as its resistance and long lasting.

Ideal for those who need a very flexible manual system or work directly on site, maintaining maximum performance. In a few simple steps, you can create a precise marking in compliance with the highest quality standards.

System components

Strips Tray: a robust plastic container in which the strips are loaded;

Strip: plastic support on which 24 identical pre-marked elements are glued vertically. The pre-marked elements represent the uppercase letters of the alphabet, the numbers from 0-9 and the symbols, all available in various combinations of color or neutral without any printing;

Marking Tool: an essential tool for easily selecting the elements from the strip tray and inserting them into the sleeve cavity.

Removal Hook: it allows a quick removal of elements inserted into the sleeve cavity. Wide range of holders, channels and sleeves to be used on the cable, T-block and other surfaces.

Marking in 3
simple steps

  1. insert the strips in the strip tray, the structure of which has been specially designed to make the selection of the elements extremely easy and quick;
  2. use the marking tool to select the pre-marked elements from the strips and, by putting them together each other, create the entire marking directly on the tool;
  3. insert the tool directly into the sleeve cavity of the chosen support to house the marking where it remains protected from external agents.


With Trasp System, marking becomes simple and fast and the result is guaranteed by Grafoplast™.

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