Our mission is simple: to help your growth.

In a few decades we will reach the 9 billion people, there is so much to do. We will need more houses, roads, infrastructures and services.

Grafoplast™’s mission is to help you to cope with these needs with innovative solutions that enable you to work smarter and faster in order to create high-tech infrastructures.

To grow, with us it works.

From a deepest analysis  into the latest industry trends up to a complete assistance service, we have everything you need.

Difficult? Maybe before Grafoplast.

We offer products and solutions you can rely on. Our goal is to understand your activity as well as you do.


We are aware that you want to be operational quickly. And that’s why every Grafoplast™ product is designed to be used very easily.


Before the launch, all products must pass rigorous field tests and under difficult conditions.


Grafoplast™ products work for many applications, always guaranteeing the best result.


Grafoplast™ products are designed to provide precision. Therefore, you will be able to do your job correctly the first time. Forever.


We know you can’t afford downtime. We offer solution to any unexpected event.


Our products are configurable and allow you to customize them according to your specific needs.