High Performance Photoluminescence

The new solution designed by Grafoplast™ to optimize marking efficiency and printable with the EVOMAX system. These are high-performance photoluminescent products, thanks to which all electrical components will be visible in the absence of light or blackout, facilitating installation and maintenance operations, in extreme safety.

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Beyond the Dark

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Fluorescent marking

The new solution designed and patented by Grafoplast™ to optimize the efficiency of the marking in the absence of light or blackout, making the operations of installation and maintenance even easier and in extreme safety.

The new series of consumables for the inside panel: tags for cables and T-blocks in polycarbonate mixed with fluorescent pigments, which are invisible in daylight conditions, but absorb energy from UV light and give off the energy absorbed as intense light becoming retro-enlightened.

The new series designed specifically for the external panel: strips and plates containinghigh-intensity 410 μm phosphorescent pigments which, absorb energy by exposure to a natural or artificial light source and then slowly releases it at a low intensisty by lighting in the dark.

The pigments shine remaining visible up to 12 hours from exposure.

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