Identification becomes detected by
Metal Detector

New range of products to identify the electrical components by  minimizing the risk of contamination during the production phases in the food processing industries, pharmaceutical and cosmetic ones.

Siglatura impianti elettrici rilevabile al metaldetector

Identification for external panel

Adhesive and not adhesive plates and tags of various dimensions, customized with company logo, guarantee quality and long lasting.

Identification for internal panel

Tags for single cables and T-Blocks or tags with holes for sheath and groups of cables to be used with metal detectable ties.

Siglatura elettrica rilevabile al metaldetector

Print with EvoMax

This new line dedicated to the food sector is printable with the EVOMAX2 thermal transfer system, the evolution of Grafoplast systems, which allows the printing of labels, tags, modular strips to identify electrical panel and components. Thanks to the new feeder and the new parametric sensors, EVOMAX2 allows the optimization of consumption up to 40% tape saving, and maximum execution accuracy, in addition to flexibility and ease of use. A wide range of products allows applicability on any type of surface.

“Detectable” Marking




In order to guarantee the high standards required under international regulations and in compliance with the HACCP System, Grafoplast has studied and developed a marking dedicated to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors that, thanks to a special formula of the raw material compliant with Reg. EU 10/2011, is detected by a metal detector.


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