Industrial identification systems

About Us

Grafoplast, an Italian company founded in 1963 by Giovanni Piana, with over 50 years of history in marking, is still recognised today as a specialist in industrial identification systems.
Generation after generation, we continue to develop innovative products that enhance the quality of Made in Italy by guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of our systems and materials, excellent service, and the possibility of creating customised solutions.


Our Headquarters

The headquarters is located in an area of 23,000 m2 in a strategic area between Genoa, Milan and Turin and houses a facility of 8,000 m2.
We manage the entire production cycle in-house, from raw material to finished product.
The automated warehouse allows us to process orders within 48 hours of receiving them and to have a constantly updated inventory.

Our History

The history of Grafoplast is the success story of a Genoese family that has reached its third generation with commitment and tenacity.

The beginning

We have to go back to 1963 to discover the roots of this success, when Giovanni Piana developed a marking system that was revolutionary at the time and patented it under the name TRASP. The system allowed cables, wires, terminals and various components within an electrical panel to be marked and thus recognised simply but clearly, facilitating maintenance. Success was immediate and Grafoplast began marketing the system in Italy and abroad.


The following years

Following Giovanni’s untimely death, his daughter Ivana and son Silvano took over the management of the company and continued to develop new identification systems, from the plotter to the SI2K thermal transfer printer and the EGO handheld labelling printers, so that in 2008 Grafoplast, recognised as the only company specialising in industrial marking systems, was acquired by an American multinational with the intention of expanding its electrical engineering sector. Expectations were disappointed, and at the end of 2017 the Piana family itself, with Valentina and Giovanni, the founder’s grandchildren, decided to buy it back with the intention of relaunching it on the Italian and foreign markets

Today, Grafoplast has strengthened its commercial structure and continues to develop innovative products, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency and quality of its systems and materials.  Valentina and Giovanni, thanks to solid family experience and a strategy focused on excellence in quality, innovation and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, continue to run the company successfully, aiming to achieve ever more ambitious goals.