Industrial identification systems

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To mark all the components of the electrical panel

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Tags and labels to mark cables

Cable tags

Grafoplast cable tags are easy to apply thanks to the special sleeves and allow individual wires to be clearly identified.
Rigid tags are made of polycarbonate and are available in LabeLux photoluminescent, Halogen Free or MetalDetectable, a special formula that makes them identifiable by metal detectors.
Flat tags, on the other hand, are made of PVC and match the special 500 series sleeves. The new layout has up to 108 tags per module.


Wiremarkers tags


Wiremarkers tags are specially designed to allow application directly on the cable. Thanks to the anchor positioned under the tag, they can be used without the aid of sleeves or other holders.
They are made of LabeLux photoluminescent polycarbonate and are also available in Halogen Free and Metal Detectable formula.

Self-laminating labels

Queste etichette adesive autolaminanti si posizionano direttamente sul fino o sul cavo, senza ausilio di supporti.
Sono composte da due parti: una colorata stampabile e una trasparente che si avvolge a protezione della marcatura.

These self-laminating adhesive labels are placed directly on the wire or cable, without the aid of holders.
They consist of two parts: a printable coloured one and a transparent one that wraps around to protect the marking.

Tags to mark cables or bundles of cables

Tags with holes

Tags with holes are used to identify conduits or groups of cables, using cable ties.
Grafoplast offers a rigid version produced in polycarbonate, which is also available in Halogen Free or MetalDetectable.
The flat, thinner version is made of PVC and is also available in  photoluminescent LabelPhos version.

Products to mark T-Blocks

T-Blocks tags

Grafoplast T-Blocks tags allow quick and easy marking. The different anchor systems, positioned under the tags, are specially designed to be compatible with the terminal blocks of the most popular brands.
Made of LabeLux photoluminescent polycarbonate, they are also available in HalogenFree and MetalDetectable versions.

Strips for terminal blocks

Strips for T-Blocks are a quick and inexpensive solution for your marking. They are available in PVC and adhesive Vinyl.

Tags and strips to mark push buttons and channels

Tags for push buttons and channels

These PVC tags are designed for all types of marking, depending on the holder chosen: sleeve, tie, channel or tags holder. The adhesive version allows easy application both inside and outside the electrical panel.
Tags are also available in the LabelPhos photoluminescent version.

Modular strips

Grafoplast PVC strips make it very easy to identify modular equipment on distribution panels. They are produced in adhesive and non-adhesive versions together with the appropriate channels.
Thanks to SimploX software, they are automatically divided into modules.
The strips are also available in the photoluminescent LabelPhos version.

Marking for equipment and electrical components

Strips for PLC

These PVC strips, in different sizes, allow the marking of the PLC, replacing the standard ones included.

Vinyl or Polyester Labels

Vinyl labels are specially designed for marking equipment inside the electrical panel. They offer good adhesion to curved surfaces.

Polyester labels are suitable for marking the outside of electrical panel, with an operating temperature range of -40 to +150 °C. Polyester also undergoes a surface treatment that increases its resistance to external influences.

Tags for Contactors

These tags are applied using the quick connect on the component and allow a clear and precise marking.

They are made of polycarbonate, and are also available in photoluminescent LabeLux and HalogenFree  versions.

Control tags

These PVC tags allow the identification of components outside and inside the electrical panel, quickly using cable ties.
They are also available in the photoluminescent LabelPhos version.

Identification for outside panel

Tags for outside panel

Grafoplast has a wide range of  nameplates for outside panel, in both adhesive and non-adhesive versions, which guarantee quality and durability.
In addition to classic PVC plates, which are also available in the LabelPhos photoluminescent version, Grafoplast offers both HalogeFree and Metal detectable polycarbonate plates (specifically for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors) and Methacrylate plates, a material with excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and which does not turn yellow when exposed to the sun.


Polyester labels

Polyester labels are particularly suitable for marking the outside panel, with an operating temperature range of -40 to +150 °C.
Polyester also undergoes a surface treatment that increases its resistance to external agents.