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The Marking Manual system

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The historically revolutionary manual system

Trasp is the manual system capable of identifying, with the same procedure and the same marking elements, any type of cable or wire, T-blocks, electrical equipment in general and even surfaces that do not offer any anchor.

It provides for a whole series of application supports dedicated to the various needs, to solve all problems using the same basic components and limiting only the choice of the final support to be used on cable, T-block or other surfaces.


It was back in 1963 when Giovanni Piana, the founder of Grafoplast, well aware of how important clear marking was in the maintenance of electrical panels, developed and patented this simple but ingenious system capable of identifying every type of cable, terminal block and electrical equipment using the same procedure and the same marking elements.
Today, the historic system is still a popular industrial product due to its extreme ease of use, the clarity and perfect alignment of the marking as well as its resistance and long lasting.


How the system consists

Strips Tray: a plastic container to load the strips;

Strip: a plastic support onto which 24 identical pre-marked elements are vertically glued. The pre-marked elements represent the capital letters of the alphabet, numbers from 0-9 and symbols, all available in various colour combinations or neutral without any printing;

Marking tool: indispensable tool for extremely easy selection of elements from the strips;

Hook:  to quickly remove the elements from the cave of the sleeve

Wide range of end supports for use on the cable, T-block or other surfaces.


How to create a marking in 3 simple steps:

  1. Pick from the strips the pre marked element with the marking tool
  2. Pick the other elements until the desired marking is created
  3. Finish by inserting the elements with the tool inside the cave of the sleeve where the marking remains protected from external agents