Industrial identification systems

Our Values

Technology Innovation

For more than 50 years we have been driving the road of innovation, investing a large part of our turnover in R&D.

Our team of engineers designs and develops all moulds in-house and follows the entire supply chain for the production of our products. Our latest innovations include the UV Technology line, which includes photoluminescent tags and labels that are visible in the dark, and the Metal Detectable line, which was developed in cooperation with customers in the food industry.
Continuing on this path is our choice to continue being your Marking Specialists.

Passion for quality

We apply a well-established quality management system that allows us to control and improve all production processes from the careful selection of raw materials to the certification of finished products according to the strictest standards.
Only in this way we do believe it is possible to develop advanced and effective products and solutions while maintaining absolutely high standards of quality, research and performance.

Customer care

The customer and his satisfaction are the basis of our company policy, and following the passion for excellence we work every day to offer new and effective solutions.

The widespread nature of our sales network allows us to reach our customers by providing technical assistance and all the advices and suggestions regarding the marking.

Protection of the environment

In a global context of increasing attention to environmental safety issues, we believe in and work for progress that combines product performance with respect for nature, environment and people.

This is why we follow the strict guidelines of Life Cycle Assessment, from raw material selection to product disposal, to constantly monitor and improve the environmental impact of our products.