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Activate the printer and download the SimploX software

Frequently asked questions

Problems with the printer

Insert product' error

Check that the plate/product is well inserted inside the printer

Error 'Check feeder type'

a. Check that the plate is not dirty/written (if so, remove the writing with thin glass paper and then clean with a cloth and some alcohol
b. Check that you are using the correct plate


Error 02

Check that the cover is securely closed and that the printhead is not lowered

Error 01 - 07

Call Grafoplast Assistance

Power supply error

Call Grafoplast Assistance

Can I create texts in Cyrillic?

Yes, add the language concerned in Windows. Copy Cyrillic text from Word\Excel by selecting ‘Cyrillic’ in the window next to Writing Fonts.

The printer does not recognise any type of media

Restore driver profiles and clean printer rollers with a cloth and alcohol

Problems with the software

When printing from software, printers are disabled

Configure the printing parameters from the software: ‘file / set printer / select printer / properties / profiles’ and reset the corresponding profile

The print window from the software is no longer as before and I only see the print button

From the tools menu of the software in configuration, enable multiplotter mode and confirm

Error 'Attempt to read' when opening the software

Close the software, enter the directory (destination) and empty the Spool folder

I cannot find the item code within the software

Call Grafoplast Service for software update

Where can I find printer drivers/manuals

Call Grafoplast Assistance to send files

Can I import work done with older software into newer software?

Yes, open the same article in the new software, select the function Imp.Gen from the generator, choose the file of interest, open/edit, save the work again in the new software