Industrial identification systems

Thermal Transfer Printing System

For all marking needs

Ideal to mark all the components of the electrical panel

The latest generation of thermal transfer printing systems from Grafoplast is called EvoMax2

The high-performance Grafoplast system enhances marking at affordable cost. It allows  to print labels, plates, modular strips, cable tags, terminal blocks tags, push buttons and nameplate data, to mark all components of the electrical panel.

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Strengths of the  EvoMax2 system

The Grafoplast EvoMax2 transfer system is equipped with the high-precision feeder and Hi-Beam sensors that enable optimisation of consumption and maximum accuracy. With this product, you can mark all the components of your electrical panel: wires, terminal blocks, strips, buttons, components and nameplate data.


Free to choose between automatic and manual mode

Thanks to the automatic feeder, the EvoMax2 can independently print more than 1000 tags for cables or terminal blocks with a considerable saving of the operator time. Alternatively it can also work in manual mode to guarantee high flexibility.
Ribbon change in record time, without laborious operations.



Speed and print quality

Up to 8500 cable tags/h

EvoMax2 meets even the most demanding marking requirements. High-resolution printing (300dpi), in black or colour, and special resin-based ribbons guarantee accurate, long-lasting markings.

Easy to use

Immediately ready for use

Even after a long period of inactivity, EvoMax2 is immediately ready for use. Simple cartridge replacement without touching the ribbon, automatic maintenance thanks to the integrated Cleaning Cassette and Grafoplast’s assistance ensure a simple and safe work.

Accessori stampante a trasferimento termico

Discover all the consumables printable with EvoMax2

With EvoMax2 you can print everywhere!

It meets all industrial identification needs and now, thanks to the new PORTABLE KIT consisting of a PC with SimploX software already installed and a powerbank that can be connected to the printer, it can be used in any situation.


EVOBATT Powerbank
Battery life: up to 8h
Port: USB / USB-C
AC Output: 220V


EVOPC with SimploX
Operating System: Windows 10 Home
Hard Disk: SSD 256GB
Port: USB 3.0 e 2.0 mini-hdmi; slot per micro SD; jack 3.5 mm.

A wide range of consumables offers easy solutions for all types of marking

In recent years, Grafoplast has developed solutions for specific marking needss:

  • the Metal Detectable line, with its distinctive blue colouring, is aimed at the food and pharmaceutical sectors, thanks to a special formula of the raw material that makes it detectable by metal detector
  • the UV Technology line in photoluminescent and phosphorescent material for maximum visibility in the dark, facilitating plant maintenance work.