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Sleeves for wires and cables

Single cave

Grafoplast sleeves allow to house the marked tags easily and to replace them quickly.

The different series offer the ideal solution for every need: the 100 Series is particularly appreciated for its precise insertion; the 190 Series is designed for use in the electronic field; the 200 Series is formulated with a material that makes it softer, while the 400 Series is more rigid; finally, the elastic material of the 500 Series is designed to facilitate the insertion of Flat tags.

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Double cave

The double-cave PVC sleeves have two slots for housing the marked tags and are ideal for very detailed marking requirements.

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Adhesive sleeves for componets solve marking problems on all surfaces, even on those that do not offer anchor possibilities.

Sleeves with ties

Single or double cave

These types of sleeves have wings into which the normal cable ties are inserted. This type of design allows quick and easy marking even on sheaths or cables bundles.
Various layouts are available, including the double cave and those with housing spaces that hold tags. Grafoplast also offers the HalogenFree version.

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Sealed sleeve with ties

This sleeve with ties, made of polypropylene, allows to insert the marked tag in a sealed space, guaranteeing greater security.
The side wings allow to insert the ties to fix the sleeve on sheaths or bundles of cables.

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Sleeves with side holes

These types of PVC sleeves are larger in size and allow very detailed marking.
The marked tag is inserted inside the cave and secured at the ends by means of two ties in the side holes, which also allow to fix it on sheaths or bundles of cables.
The sleevs are also available in HalogenFree polyurethane.

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Tags holder and channels

Tags holder and push buttons holder

Grafoplast tag holders and button holders allow to house the marking by simple pressure. They are available in adhesive and non-adhesive versions in the innovative MetalDetectable formula.

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The channel, once applied thanks to its high-performance adhesive, house the printed modular strips or tags.

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Poyester Sheaths

This sheath is made of synthetic monofilament and allows a large number of cable sizes to be covered with a limited range of diameters.

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Spiral sheath

With Grafoplast spiral sheaths, even bundles of already connected cables can be grouped together. The extreme versatility of the product allows it to be removed quickly.

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Heat shrinkable sheath

The heat-shrinkable sheath in a dispenser allows for convenient use. Its main characteristic is its ability to adhere perfectly to the surfaces to cover, when it is  subjected to controlled temperature changes.

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Identification cards

Identification cards for conductors

Grafoplast identification cards are pre-printed on both sides and can be applied using cable ties. They enable detailed and fast marking.

Pin terminals and joints

Grafit joints

  • Forza crimpatura: 22.5 MPa
  • Allungamento e rottura: 553%
  • Temperatura massima: 225°C x 4 ore no rottura
  • Frequenza: 175°C x 168 ore no rottura
  • Forza dielettrica: 12KV/mm
  • Resistenza ai liquidi: 23°C x 24 ORE