The Marking becomes Metal detectable


Thanks to a special raw material formulation that complies with EU Regulation 10/2011, the new line of consumables designed by Grafoplast is metal detectable.
The metal filler inserted in the tags is corrosion-resistant and allows them to be reliably identified by metal detectors. In addition, the blue colour of the material is designed to facilitate optical inspection by the operator or camera,.

The innovative Metal Detectable material is available for:

  • Cable tags for use with sleeve
  • T-Blocks tags
  • Tags with ties to identify large cables or bundles of cables
  • Wire marking tags for direct insertion on the cable
  • Tags for marking push buttons, both with and without the button holder
  • Name plates for external panel
  • Tags holder for push buttons
  • Ties for tags and sleeves

Grafoplast guarantees maximum safety in its marking, which remains clear, legible and durable over time, but adds the “Detectable” factor.

The new line can be printed with the EVOMAX2 thermal transfer system, the evolution of Grafoplast systems, which allows labels, tags, nameplates and modular strips to be printed to identify electrical panels and industrial components.

Grafoplast has been working alongside panel builders and electrical installers for years and is now expanding its field of action with high-performance solutions to offer a global response to marking needs.