UV Tecnology | Beyond the Dark

For Grafoplast, innovating and offering materials that are suited to specific customer identification needs is becoming increasingly important.

The UV Technology line of consumables is a new solution designed by Grafoplast to optimise marking efficiency.

These are high-performance photoluminescent products, thanks to which the marking of electrical components will be visible even in the absence of light or in the event of a blackout, making installation and maintenance operations easier and safer.

Printable with EVOMAX2 thermal transfer printing system




The series of consumables for electrical panel that are activated under UV light and become backlit.

They are made of polycarbonate mixed with photoluminescent pigments, which react to ultraviolet light. 


The series of consumables is designed specifically for outdoor use, with phosphorescent pigments that, when charged by exposure to a light source, slowly return energy by illuminating in the dark for up to 12 hours.